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New blog post

This is a new blog post. If you have learned something from today share it with your friends because don’t forget, sharing is learning. Let me tell you, guys, that you are the king or queen of your own kingdom or queendom. You can choose to be happy or not. And from today, please, I […]

Business Models for Writers: How to Make Money as a Writer

10 business models for writers | How to make money as a writer? In this article you will learn ten different ways you can start making money even before you publish your first novel

According to Investopedia, “the term business model refers to a company’s plan for making a profit”. And although you may think that business plans refer only to companies, I have to tell you this is not true. Every person who intends to have their own business (no matter whether it’s a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or […]

5 Tips to Start Building Your Author Platform

How to start building your author platform | Learn what is an author platform, why you need it, and how to start building your own

The moment you decide you want to be a writer you have to start building your author platform. This is the way to grow your online presence and let people know who you are and what you do. In today’s post, I’m sharing with you five tips on how to start building your author platform. […]